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Discover the RingConn Smart Ring

by Beat Herren

Your elegant companion for health and well-being

Imagine wearing an elegant piece of jewelry that not only completes your outfit, but also monitors your health. A faithful companion that will help you achieve your fitness goals and make your everyday life less stressful. We are delighted to present our latest brand to you: RingConn

Stylish design meets state-of-the-art technology

The RingConn Smart Ring combines a stylish design with advanced technology. Made from lightweight titanium and with a resistant titanium PVD coating, it offers durability and scratch resistance. The hypoallergenic medical epoxy resin inside ensures safe use, even with sensitive skin. The ring is available in the elegant colors pale gold, midnight black and moonlight silver and goes perfectly with any outfit and occasion.

Comprehensive health monitoring around the clock

With the RingConn Smart Ring, you always have your health data in view. Four PPG sensors measure your heart rate and blood oxygen level, while an accelerometer and four temperature sensors provide further valuable data. Continuous monitoring of heart rate variability and oxygen saturation in the blood gives you a comprehensive picture of your health.

Sleep analysis and stress management

Track your sleep phases, naps and sleep quality with detailed reports and analysis. The RingConn Smart Ring helps you monitor your stress levels throughout the day so you can better achieve your fitness goals. The RingConn app provides you with detailed insights and analyses, without any hidden costs or subscriptions.

Practical features and long-lasting battery

The RingConn Smart Ring not only impresses with its functions, but also with its practical handling. With an impressive battery life of up to 7 days, the ring lasts even with intensive use. The special charging case with built-in rechargeable battery makes it possible to charge the ring on the go or when traveling. This means that the ring can be powered for up to 150 days without being connected to a power source.

Waterproof and robust

Thanks to IP68 certification, the RingConn Smart Ring is completely waterproof. You can easily wear it when swimming, showering or washing your hands. The ring is available in nine different sizes so that you can find the perfect fit and enjoy the comfort and robustness of the titanium ring.

Data security and compatibility

Your data is safe – the servers are located in the UK and meet the highest security standards. Easily share your health data with Apple Health and Google Fit and keep an eye on your fitness goals at all times.

Menstrual cycle tracking and more

Women can track and predict their menstrual cycle with the RingConn Smart Ring. Get detailed insights and analytics to better understand and manage your health.

Your personal health guardian

The RingConn Smart Ring is not only a technical marvel, but also a stylish accessory. Stay connected, stay healthy – with the RingConn Smart Ring, your personal health guardian around the clock.

Visit our online store and discover the new RingConn Smart Ring – your perfect companion for health and well-being.
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