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Sales at top speed

With Tobco, you have a strong partner at your side, offering technical innovations – in both large and small quantities – to complement and enhance your range. After all, almost anything is possible with good planning. Our lean company structure enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to the challenges of the market.

Any product that you source from us is promptly entered into your system and therefore available to your customers. Because our logistics operations are fully digitalised, your customers can order from you straight away, even if the goods are still in our warehouse.

Smart benefits for our customers

  • Ready-made data sets

    All the product data, including photos, videos and descriptions, is configured for any software with our PIM system. So our products are automatically available for your ERP system swiftly and in full. This saves time, minimises sources of error and simplifies the whole sales process.

  • Quick availability

    Our warehouse is located at the facilities of our logistics partner near Zurich and adapts flexibly to our space requirements. The storage system is fully digitalised and accessible both to us and our customers, meaning we can also offer you drop shipping. We deliver to whatever location is quickest and most cost-efficient for you: to your central warehouse, to your stores or directly to your end customers.

  • Valuable market insights

    From well-known brands to hidden champions, we sniff out the trends and products that are hot right now, or are on the rise and emerging on the horizon. As a matter of principle, we check both the quality and the availability of all the products we offer, and present you with our exclusive recommendations.

  • Reliable partnership

    We maintain a friendly, collaborative relationship with our customers as we work to make things possible and find solutions. We know the demands of your work and the challenges of the market; we see things from your perspective and go above and beyond when it comes to quick, creative solutions. Our aim is to cultivate customer relationships that last for years, because the more we understand your internal structures, the better we can customise how we work for you.

  • Flexible quantities

    We deliver in flexible quantities – whatever is easy, smart and makes sense for you. Our stocks are therefore aligned with your requirements, rather than pack sizes. Whether you just want to try a test run with a new product or you’re planning a huge promotion – we make your plans possible.

  • Clear communication

    We believe that all good business relationships are based on transparent communication and honest exchange. We ask if something isn’t clear to us, and are happy to show you what we’re doing at any time. This helps us minimize risks and misunderstandings, as well as being a much more enjoyable way of working. For you and us.

The best of the best: our range

Photography and videography

A range that hits the mark

Cameras, filters, tripods and more

Optics and Outdoor

With sights trained on the target group

Binoculars, spotting scopes, digiscopy and more

Batteries and lights

More power for your business

Batteries, rechargeables, torches and more


Products with a home advantage

Blenders, toasters, kettles and more


Picture-perfect quality

Hair dryers, shavers, epilators and more

Massage, Sports

Highest performance

Massage guns, massagers, air pumps

Successful buying really can be this easy

  • Small and large quantities available
  • Delivery within 24 hours from our warehouse in Switzerland
  • Ready-made data sets for your ERP system
  • Selected product recommendations
  • Communication with a focus on solutions
  • A strong partnership that finds the best way forward

Talk to us

We know the demands of the market, economic and political impacts on the flow of goods, trends and customer needs, and of course the challenges of good business operations. When we also know our customers’ plans, it sets us on the best possible course for success. That’s why we always like to talk – plainly and honestly.

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