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About Tobco

We love smart buys and win-win situations. With quick wits, strong ambition and a knack for spotting trends, we seek out niche products and bestsellers that will help you achieve your sales targets. Forget silent partners – we’re an active member of your dream team ready to hit the heights.

  • 1959 Foundation of Gujer, Meuli & Co.
  • 2003 Change of name to GMC Trading AG
  • 2018 Sale of the company to Tobias Schümperli
  • 2019 Representation of Remington and Russell Hobbs as an agency
  • 2020 Official distributor for Remington and Russell Hobbs
  • 2023 Change of name to Tobco AG


Tobias Schümperli


‘I was in Switzerland the Managing Director of an American company for 15 years, and I’ve been Switzerland's Managing Director of Varta for over a decade. With Tobco, I have turned a personal dream of mine into a reality: running my own family-owned business, which I can pour all my experience into, and where openness, decency and humour are just as fundamental as strategy and concept.’

Sandra Schümperli

Human Resources, member of the Executive Board

‘For me, there’s a lot of similarity between our company and a family: dealing with each other openly, juggling everyone’s different needs and wishes, even looking after our trainees – it’s always about trust and respect. I’m proud of our family-run business and pour my heart and soul into taking care of our staff structures.’

Mario Britschgi

Director of Operations, Member of the Executive Board

‘I am responsible for the operational management of Tobco. That means being close to the processes of the day-to-day business and having an open ear - for every team member, for every business partner. It is important to me that we behave like consultants. Always with an authentic way of representing what we are convinced of. But also always with an open way of accepting what is important to our partners. This creates the chemistry for a trusting partnership.’

Antonio Cimino

Sales and Marketing (Appliances)

‘I’m a salesman through and through. I love comparing products and examining their innovative features in detail so I can give really good advice to customers. Experience, knowledge and high quality standards – those are the three most important aspects of my work, including in customer acquisition.’

Gerda Gehrig


‘Of course, I care about things like reliability, efficiency and quality awareness. But humour is another must-have for me! In many situations, it’s the glue that holds the team together, especially when things are stressful or we’re pressed for time. My job is to make sure we keep all the stakeholders of our Tobco brand in mind.’

Cedric Hussel

Key Account and Product Manager

‘I’m one of those lucky people who gets to do their hobby as a job, because I’m a real technophile when it comes to anything related to photography and optics. Finding new products on the market, chatting with other tech nerds all over the world, and of course communicating with our clients – that’s what makes me tick.’

Rafael Rüfenacht

Logistics and Controlling

‘What matters to me personally is being able to communicate openly and trustingly, because I feel a sense of partnership both with my colleagues and with our customers. Good communication is hugely important in enabling me to optimise supply chain costs while keeping quality high. Even if, in the end, it’s all about the figures.’

Céline Hofer


"I appreciate the familiar, open and warm atmosphere in the team. I also like to communicate with our customers in the same way - courteously, respectfully and with a pinch of humor. Thanks to my many years of sales experience, I know that an authentic approach to colleagues and business partners can make a small but subtle difference. I also particularly like the fact that I have a special bond with many of Tobco's products, which I have been personally convinced of for years."

Beat Herren

IT, master data, graphics

"I have a varied role in our company and am responsible for IT, master data maintenance and graphic design. Despite my many years of experience in these areas, I always find opportunities to expand my knowledge and discover new things. I appreciate the challenges and the ability to manage several tasks at the same time. What I particularly like about our company is the familiar and warm atmosphere. Open dialog and direct communication are essential for me, as are efficient decision-making processes."

Aylin Kilic


"I am proud to be the first apprentice daughter at Tobco AG. In this family business, I receive excellent support and acquire new skills every day. The teamwork is not only instructive, but also characterized by a humorous atmosphere, which makes the work very pleasant. Over the next three years, I will have the opportunity to get to know all departments, develop myself further and make an important contribution to the company's success."

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